Inspired by real life

We designed our pillows for use in your everyday life. These aren’t just pillows for the formal room no one sits in. We reinforced our seams and zippers to withstand a pillow fight, dog piles, and Netflix binges. We stand by our outstanding quality so much that we offer a lifetime limited warranty on all of our pillows. Go ahead and get comfy.

Features we’re proud of

Pillows designed for those who work as hard as they play. For those who believe that function shouldn’t take a back seat to design. For all who oppose terrible shipping and return policies. And for those who believe in owning responsibly sourced down pillows. 

Bear Hug Proof*

Free Shipping and Returns. Always.

Responsibly Sourced Down


Design Enthusiasts

We tirelessly search for the best fabric designers in the world and carefully curate each design. We believe that every home is only one pillow away from true beauty. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Life isn’t always flexible, that’s why we are. Every one of our pillows comes with a lifetime limited warranty.  If it doesn’t meet our quality standards, we will take it back or repair it for the lifetime of the pillow.

Get Ready to Up your Pillow Game