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Our Story

When Grandma Elsie was moving out of her home of 40 years and into a senior care facility, her vintage sewing machine found its way to me. While I had never used a sewing machine before, I felt compelled to carry on her creativity. With the help of a close friend I learned how to sew my first pillow. While my amateur status was obvious in the beginning (it turns out that burlap is best used for potato sack races, not pillows), my persistence eventually turned into skill which later became a passion.

Over the past six years my life has evolved, and so has my taste for design and textiles. I have seen firsthand how adding a few beautiful pillows to a couch or a bed can bring life, warmth and comfort to a home. As my family has grown, my taste for high quality, livable and beautiful pillows has grown with it. I know what it’s like to have small kids and animals living in your home and how important it is to have pieces that withstand a dog pile, an epic pillow fight or hours of you sitting on them while binge watching your favorite show. Elsie Home was born from a passion to design the highest quality and most beautiful pillows you can own for your home and we are so glad you have found us.

Get ready to up your pillow game.